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Best Ways to Refresh Your Walls Easily

If your pale walls bore you and you feel it’s time to liven them up, you can do so easily. There is no need to go through the long and stressful process of painting or wallpapering, though. Using some things at your disposal at home or shopping for cheap items at the flea market could do wonders to you walls. Read the rest of this article and find out how to refresh your walls hassle-free.



There are few things that would actually work better for blank wall than artwork. You can either buy original paintings from local artists or you can find prints of your favourite painters. Alternatively, if you feel like doing something by yourself, by all means do so. It will definitely add some personality to your home. If you can’t paint, you can consider making a collage.



If you have any plates at home with interesting motifs, you can use them to add some style on your walls. Many special-occasion chinas stay untouched in people’s pantries, so you may as well use them for something beautiful. Moreover, this will create an extra space in your kitchen cabinets. To hang them, simply use wire plate hanger.


Stickers, or also known as wall decals are a great way to liven-up a wall. They are not really expensive and you can take them down whenever you want. End of lease cleaning specialists in Melbourne say that they don’t leave any marks on your walls, so you don’t have to worry about that when you decide to change them.



You still have your old license plates somewhere in a box in the attic? Or maybe some vintage sings that you bought a while ago without any clear vision of what to do with them? Well, now you can use them all to create a unique piece of art on your wall. Signs could also be used to complement artwork.


Imagine a beautiful Persian tapestry-woven carpet hanging on your wall. Classy, right? Rugs are perfect if you want to give a room more exotic look. And the best part is that when you get tired of looking at them, you can simply take them down and put them on the floor.



Also known as wall ledgers, shelves are really practical way to decorate a wall. Not only that it will change the overall look of the wall, but you can also use the shelves to put books and other items, such as a vase or a framed photograph on them.