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How to Deal with the Home Cleaning After the Holidays

Hey there, fellas! Today we received a question by an young lady from Melbourne. And we will try to explain how she should deal with her problem. Here’s the email we received:

Roberta Young, Melbourne: “Hey, dearest friends from the “Home Blinds Direct” team. I read your blog and you are doing a great job! Thank you! And here’s my problem. Sometimes, I’m really lazy and I can’t motivate myself to start doing anything. But how to deal with the house cleaning after the holidays? The holiday season is over now and I’m looking forward for St Valentine’s day. I want to decorate the house for my boyfriend, but I don’t know how to store everything properly. I should note that I really love cleaning sometimes, but I’m a “freshman” when it comes to living on my own. I’m living alone (with my boyfriend) for just a couple of months and sometimes everything looks so hard to handle. So would you help me create a plan and deal with the after-holidays cleaning quickly? I don’t know if you are even going to read this, but I’m looking forward for your answer. Keep up the good work.

Dear Roberta, we are happy to know that people keep enjoying our work and we are more than happy to help you deal with your cleaning problem. Below, we will make a short plan which you should follow and your house will look perfect for no time.

  • First, you should gather all the cleaning supplies you will need. Prepare some boxes – get them from the store or contact a move out cleaning within Melbourne or a moving company. Roll up your sleeves.
  • If you haven’t done this yet – collect the wrapping paper and decide if you want to keep it or to toss it out. If you think that you don’t need it, you should recycle it. That way, you will help the environment and reduce the amounts of rubbish in your house.
  • Take the decoration out and organize everything. This will surely make the unpacking easier next year. Separate the fragile objects in a different box and wrap each item separately. Be careful with the lights, because they are really fragile. You could wrap them around a paper towels holder.
  • Dispose of the living tree.
  • When all the decoration is stored, it’s time for the cleaning part. Return all items on their proper places. Dust and wipe all surfaces using a proper cleaner. Polish the wood surfaces.
  • Vacuum the furniture and take the pillows out. The weather is great, so you should leave the pillows for a few hours on the sun.
  • Vacuum the carpeting and mop the flooring. For the mopping, you should use a proper detergent and your house will smell as freshly as never before.
  • Take some extra time to clean the kitchen. Usually during the holidays this is the busiest area. Clean the oven, the fridge, get rid of the old food.

This is everything. If you have any questions, please, ask us in the comment form below and we will make sure that we give you the right answer ASAP! If you have any more questions, you should contact a cleaning within Melbourne company and ask for all of your questions. Cheers!