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How to Move Home in Chelsea

Deciding to move home is a huge event, and one that takes a lot of planning and effort. If not planned well it can also be highly stressful and unnecessarily time-consuming. However, despite what many people in Chelsea may say, it is possible to have a hassle-free house moving experience, and with our top tips, we can help make sure you enjoy an efficient and straightforward moving day, and all it takes is five simple steps:


1.Get your moving date – the first thing to do when moving house is to get all the paperwork signed, make sure everything is official, and then get your moving date. There is absolutely no point hiring your Chelsea removals until you know for certain that you are definitely going to need them. So before anything else, get the boring official stuff out of the way. That being said, there’s no reason you can’t begin to plan your house removals in advance. Thinking about what will be needed in the future can help mean you can move quickly when you do have a date, but definitely don’t make any bookings until that date has been set.


2.Decide what you want to move – one thing you can do to make the home removals process more efficient in Chelsea, even while you wait for the desired moving date, is to start planning what you are going to move. Let’s face it, a lot of the stuff we have in our homes is completely unnecessary, and one of the great things about relocating is that it’s an ideal time to reassess and downsize. So before you run out of time and actually have to do the removals part, take time to decide what is coming with you and what isn’t, and get rid of anything that isn’t. That way you won’t be tempted to bring it with you when your removal company show up to transport it all for you, and you won’t have to waste time unpacking it when you get into your new home in Chelsea. Also consider how to dump your unwanted junk in the most efficient way – a lot of people will not have the time to manage their waste whilst also trying to do everything else needed when moving, so it is worth enquiring with local moving services whether they are able to dispose of unwanted items as part of their service.


3.Research local removals – making time to find the right removals company for your needs is one of the most important steps in making your removal as efficient as possible. There are so many removals in Chelsea that just picking one at random means you’re unlikely to get the support you need. So do your research – ask around, read reviews, check prices in Chelsea and draw up a shortlist that you can then pick from when the date is set. When doing your research make sure that you have a clear set of priorities that the service needs to be able to satisfy. Things like price and level of service will be important, but also think about their environmental policy, whether they can offer advice or packing supplies and even if they’re able to dispose of your unwanted items.


4.Choose the service that meets your needs – once the date is set and you know what you need and what your budget is, it’s time to pick your removal firm and book your slot. Assuming you’ve done all of the steps above, making your decision shouldn’t be hard. It’s simply a case of choosing the service that best matches your needs in terms of what you need moving, and who can best match your chosen budget. Once you’ve identified the removal service for you give them a call and make sure they’re actually available when you need them.


5.Let the experts do their thing – if you have elected to hire professional removal services in Chelsea, and you’ve got your move-in date, decided what you are keeping and what’d being thrown away, researched and chosen your perfect team, then the only thing left to do is let the experts do their thing. The reason you elect to hire a professional team of removals is to ensure everything goes smoothly and is as hassle-free as possible for you and your family. It’s important therefore to allow the team to just get on with their tasks and trust that they know what they are doing. A lot of people in Chelsea struggle to trust their removal team and will instead constantly ask for updates, and interfere when it’s unnecessary and this causes the removals team to become distracted and causes stress for all parties. So ideally, once everything is set, it’s best to just leave the experts to it, and relax before the task of unpacking is before you.