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Interior Design Trends – 2015

The beginning of the year is full of promise, and of many predictions as to what to expect in terms of fashion and interior design trends. While I was busy throwing my suggestions to the pile, I remembered that you, my beloved reader, need some insider info as well, so allow me to become your personal guide through the best interior design trends, and the most popular colour palettes for 2015.

As opposed to previous years where dark, intense colours were domineering in the homes of all those slaving to the latest trends in every possible way, this year the colour wheel is taking a rather intriguing turn, going back to the soothing pastel hues of the past. Why the unexpected change? While the rich, saturated colours are a joy to the eye, they don’t provide the calming influence pastels do. Let’s face it, with all the stress around us, when we come home we need a relaxing environment!

Why the Simplicity of the Past?

They say fashion needs about a decade to spin and come back to the same old patterns, simply put into new perspective. The same applies when we speak of interior design, so guess what old floral patterns are back in style with an intricate touch – white background. Ditch the kitschy, intense combinations, and bid on romantic, simple, yet so stylish décor! If you need more insights on the best interior design trends of 2015, check out our posts in home interior category.

Try getting new upholstery for your furniture, or visit your grandmother’s home for some inspiration. According to our experts at home removals in London, you can change the entire furnishing of your home in a fortnight, if you shop wisely, and hit the thrift shops. Never has it been so easy to stay tuned to the latest fashion trends in home interior design!

Which is the Colour of the Year for 2015?

While the world leader in dictating the most desired colour schemes and patterns, Pantone, has announced this year’s top colour to be emerald green, some interior designers have other fascinating ideas. Some of them unanimously vote for the so called “lemon sorbet”, others turn to yet another shade of green – namely aloe. In any case, as must have noticed in one of my previous posts I am all for green. Nevertheless, yellow shouldn’t be underestimated, just look at the two suggestions bellow.